Bring on the Men: Sweden Sees Male Surplus For First Time in Centuries

Europe has what you may call a man problem.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, researchers have found a growing increase in the ratio of men versus women in many of these countries. A recent report published at says that Sweden specifically has seen a historic gender shift. For the first time since record keeping began in 1749, the country’s population contains more men than women.

Source: Bring on the Men: Sweden Sees Male Surplus For First Time in Centuries

Men tend to become more promiscuous when sex ratios are skewed towards more women, but more violent when sex ratios are skewed towards more men.

From what I can tell from the article, most of the increase in male population is due to migration – probably due to conflicts in the Middle East. Incoming migrants may experience social isolation in their new home and PTSD from the conflicts they are fleeing, which has the potential to exacerbate violence. I hope Sweden is able to give adequate support to its new residents.

This Little Piggie Was Bred To Be A Symbol Of Danish Resistance

It was the early 1900s, and Danes in Schleswig, repressed under German rule, decided to use biology to fight back. No, they didn’t make a biological weapon. They made a pig. This is the Danish Protest Pig.

Source: This Little Piggie Was Bred To Be A Symbol Of Danish Resistance

What a delightfully polite if passive-aggressive protest! 😀

Warnings Against Powdered Caffeine and Energy Drinks

In a blog about the meeting, Michael Landa, director of FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, wrote that the agency shares the hopes of Katie and Dennis Stiner and Julie and James Sweatt that other families will be spared such a loss.

Landa noted the consumer advisory about the dangers of pure, powdered caffeine that FDA published in the summer, adding that “We are working right now on our next steps.”

But for now, “I cannot say strongly enough how important it is to avoid using powdered pure caffeine,” Landa wrote. “The people most drawn to it are our children, teenagers, and young adults, especially students who want to work longer to study, athletes who want to improve their performance, and others who want to lose weight.”

Source: Caffeine Powder Concerns FDA, Energy Drinks Concern Denmark

Do you know how much caffeine your kids and loved ones actually injest?

Our kids may be consuming more caffeine than we realize. A new study finds that 73% of children and young adults in the United States have caffeine in their systems on any given day.

I’ve remember years back that some found the results of injesting caffeine to resemble the fear response.  Suggested reading: Coffee: How it affects the Brain, and Naps