Why the CIA Invented Cough Syrup

Much of the cough syrup on the shelves today owes a little something to the US Navy and the CIA. One of its main effective ingredients was developed by a project funded by both agencies. Learn why.

Source: Why the CIA Invented Cough Syrup

It is a dissociative hallucinogen, so you do not get the visuals like when on LSD or mushrooms which are at the other end of the hallucinogen spectrum.  It is almost an out of body type feeling, where you can see yourself acting goofy but can’t really stop it.  It also makes everything you’re viewing seem like an old timey movie where you can sense things moving frame by frame.  There’s a lot of nostalgic thoughts and memories that pop up… not sure if it s a common thing or not, but it happened to friends and I almost every time. Worst parts are nausea at the onset, shallow breath, & itchiness.