Study Explains Why Men Eat Like Disgusting Animals

To some, scarfing down food is natural, and the ability is often associated with growing teenage boys or grown men more so than women. A group of researchers from Semyung University in South Korea wanted to better understand what the chewing and eating differences were between men and women, and how chewing patterns had an effect on weight. In their study, which was published in the journal Physiology & Behavior, they found that men and women had vastly different chewing “performances,” and that obesity also had an effect on chewing and eating behaviors.

…While the study found a significant difference between the chewing patterns of men and women, it did not fully explain whether chewing was directly related to weight gain or weight loss. Sure, chewing quickly and swallowing huge amounts of food in a short period of time might be a factor in obesity — but so are a myriad of other things like physical inactivity, depression, and genetics. The researchers concluded that they’ll need more research, but they hope that at some point the information will be used to develop obesity therapies.

Source: Chew On This: Your Brother Scarfs His Food Down Because Men’s Chewing Patterns Differ From Women’s

I’m surprised to see the variation in such a small sample.