Family Eating Rules That Can Help Transform Picky Eaters

These are our suggested 10 “rules” of picky-free parenting…

Source: 10 Rules for Picky-Free Parenting

I’ve previously covered an article about tips for dealing with picky eaters without tricks.  And be aware that picky eating can be an indication of emotional issues

Good luck! 🙂

How to Dine Out like a Respectable Person

…We often get asked how to ensure that eating out is a good experience. And here’s the thing most people don’t realize – the key to a good restaurant experience often starts with you, the diner.

What do we mean by that? Well, there are a lot of factors that you can’t control when you go out to dinner. Maybe the waiter is in a funk, or maybe the kitchen is in the weeds that night. Most restaurants have off days every once in a while, and sometimes you happen to be there for one. But there are some things you can do to give yourself the best possible chances at achieving dinner satisfaction. And that’s why we’re here today. Call it strategy, call it planning, or call it restaurant hacks (actually, don’t call it that), but whatever you call it, use the tips below and you’ll find yourself having more good meals more often.

And just remember, if a meal ever does go awry for whatever reason, you can always just order a glass of bourbon – we prefer — with your meal for guaranteed satisfaction. Let’s just call that an emergency short cut. Use when necessary.

Source: How to Dine Out like a Respectable Person

Seesaw Table: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Want to see just how unbalanced your relationship is?

The table is the (only slightly crazy) brainchild of Dutch designer Marleen Jansen. Rather than being a product you can actually buy (although, for the record, I would Kickstart the shit out of this), it was part of her dissertation. Called the Courtesy Table, it’s designed to ‘voluntarily force’ good manners on the subjects — if you get up halfway through dinner, the seesaw dumps your partner on the floor, rather than just being mildly offensive.

Source: A Seesaw Table Means You’ll Never Eat Alone

How do you navigate bathroom breaks?  And passing cutlery and food might be more problematic…

It’s perfect for dating – who got dumped?  If you are alone, you can get some mileage out of the sex doll if you fill it with sand.

Learn Proper Global Dining Etiquette With This Chart

Whether you’re abroad, or going out to a foreign restaurant locally, you need to be sensitive to the dining etiquette of the culture. This infographic (png) gives you a broad overview of table manners around the world.

Even if it’s just one night at a friend’s house, they’ll appreciate your sensitivity to showing proper manners. The chart has a list of “dos” and “don’ts for:

  • Portugal
  • France
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • India
  • Thailand
  • China

Source: A Global Travel Guide to Dining Etiquette


Fine Dining Chefs Are Getting Into the Chain Game

Some of the country’s top fine dining chefs are entering the race to become the next Shake Shack.

Last month chef Joshua Skenes, of San Francisco’s Saison, announced he was partnering with Umami Burger restaurateur Adam Fleischman to launch a fast-casual Chinese noodle concept. In stark contrast to Skenes’ multi-course, $248 menu at Saison, guests at his restaurant chain Fat Noodle will soon be able to eat a two Michelin-starred chef’s recipes for between $6-10 per bowl.

Source: Why Fine Dining Chefs Are Getting Into the Chain Game