Why Do You Hate The Word Moist? Science.

Okay, a lot of people hate the word “moist”. It just sounds gross, but why does it repulse us? A new study published in the journal PLOS One may have some insight into why certain words make us cringe.

Source: Why Do You Hate The Word Moist? Science.

Looking at the demographic results, it’s a Millenial thing? Younger people and specifically younger females were the ones who don’t like the word “moist”…

The Secret to Developing a Taste for Food You Don’t Like: Repetition

You’ll learn to love it™

Why do some of us like to slather hot sauce or sprinkle chili powder onto our food, while others can’t stand burning sensations in our mouth?

It probably has to do with how much we’ve been socially pressured or taught to eat chili, according to Paul Rozin, a cultural psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania who has studied attitudes toward food for decades.

Source: How Do We Grow To Like The Foods We Once Hated?

The reality to some of the more bizarre things to eat?  They exist because there was likely nothing else.  To put it another way – do you think we purposefully left stuff out to ferment? Fermentation gave us beer/alcohol, sauerkraut, kimchi…