Make Colorful, Tangy Sprinkles Out of Dried Fruit

On a new-year-new-you kick and all about that clean-eating life? God knows I’m not, but I’m all about experimenting in the kitchen and looking into ways to cut out any unnecessary added sugar and preservatives. Enter these technicolor “sprinkles,” made from at-home dehydrated citrus zest and unsweetened, freeze-dried fruit.

Source: Recipe: Sugar-Free Citrus & Fruit Sprinkles

Because there’s no sugar, the flavour will be sour/bitter.

This would be perfect for those that like to buy plain yogurt because they want to avoid added sugars and other ingredients. You could make your own fruit powders using a dehydrator, or your oven on its lowest setting, and then just toss the dust into a salt shaker with some rice to help keep the moisture out and increase its shelf life (but you would probably want to store it in the fridge when not in use).

Man Dies After Krispy Kreme Race Requiring Runners to Eat 12 Donuts in 5 Miles

A man in Raleigh, North Carolina died after experiencing chest pains during a race that involves eating Krispy Kreme donuts.

Source: Man Dies After Krispy Kreme Race Requiring Runners to Eat 12 Donuts in 5 Miles

Gonna go out on a limb and guess that he had some underlying heart condition, since he died a mile into the race.  They don’t eat donuts until the 2.5 mile mark. Then they’re expected to eat 12 and run 2.5 miles back to campus.

There are versions of this speckled throughout the endurance world, even without the excuse of raising money for charity. Sometimes it’s running, sometimes it’s on a bike. Sometimes it’s donuts, sometimes it’s beer. Endurance athletes like pain and pushing their limits, and sometimes things get… weird.