Counting Sheep Doesn’t Actually Work, and Other Misconceptions About Sleep

A trick I’ve used to fall asleep is to pick a category, bands, birds, animals, sea creatures, flowers which is fairly broad and try to go through the alphabet thinking of an example from each one. I find that the reason that this works is that frequently worry and anxiety can keep us awake so giving the brain something to do is helpful.

The reason to avoid waking a sleep walker is that they have no idea where they are. They are in a different world.

Why Setting Large Fitness Goals Can Backfire on You

I’m about to tell you why I believe traditional goal setting might be bringing frustration and anxiety upon you and decreasing your quality of life. Furthermore, I’ll show you how a simple focus shift can fix the problem in a matter of minutes, resulting in better results in the gym and living a more enjoyable life in the process.

To illustrate my point, let me start by sharing a very personal story with you.

Source: Why You Need To STOP Setting Goals

Recently, someone started coming out on my weekend [cycling] group rides.  Saturday is much more competitive, and this person can barely hang on in the warm up.  But they’re determined to ride with the A group, even though I’ve consistently encountered them before the 2/3rd mark of the route.  They’re so burnt out, they can’t hang onto the B group.

I have no problem with their goal.  I have the same one.  I don’t agree with their approach, but all the power to them.  I’m still healing, but I’m trying to get back to leading B group.  Only then is it worth it to me to bother trying to hold onto A group.  I might not ever get there – I was having my doubts I could before, or at least not without putting effort into training.

There’s goals and dreams – it takes honest reflection to know the difference.