Deep-Frying Vegetables Can Actually Add Nutritional Value

You’ve probably heard that deep-frying is the absolute worst way to prepare anything ever, but a study published in Food Chemistry has found that it can actually add nutritional value to some vegetables.

Source: Deep-Frying Vegetables Can Actually Add Nutritional Value

Concerned about the amount of heat olive oil can tolerate (~400F)?  Just fry below the smoking point. In Spain, they use pure olive oil for fries instead of extra virgin because you can crank it higher.  When you fry at high temps, food absorbs less oil.  But I have no problem getting my fries nearly confitted with olive oil. Might be a bit soggy, but make them homefries!

The Fruit vs Vegetable Debate Depends on the Botanical or Culinary Definition

Know that “vegetable” is solely a culinary term.

A peach is a fruit, whoever you are, and a carrot is definitely a vegetable. But in the Venn diagram relating these two produce categories, there’s a sizeable region of overlap. It results from the fact that “fruit” and “vegetable” are defined differently depending on whether you’re a gardener or a chef.

Dead center of the overlapping region sits the tomato. So, why is it a fruit, and why is it a vegetable?

Source: What’s the Difference Between a Fruit and a Vegetable?

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Add Grated Cheese to Pasta Before the Sauce to Mix It in Better

The Silver Spoon, originally published in English by Phaidon in 2005, was the first cookbook Phaidon published and the first cookbook Emilia Terragni, the publisher of Phaidon’s cookbooks and architecture books, ever worked on. The tome has gone on to sell so many copies and be one of the most essential Italian cookbooks around. To celebrate its 10th anniversary of the English edition (and the revision of The Silver Spoon: Quick and Easy Recipes), Emilia has picked out the lessons she finds indispensable from the very big, comprehensive Silver Spoon.

Source: The Greatest Hits & Tips from The Silver Spoon Cookbook

I’m odd, I actually prefer my cheese cold, hard and on top. The contrast in temperature and texture to the past is what I enjoy. I’ll even sprinkle it on a little bit at a time for max effect.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy melted cheese too, in some dishes I prefer it, but most times I prefer the above.

Save Yourself Some Time and Don’t Salt That Eggplant

It’s a question I ask myself every single time I slice into the big purple vegetable. Conventional wisdom has you salt the slices to draw bitter liquid out of the eggplant. Once the slices have sat for about a hour, you’re suppose to rinse them under cool water to remove any excess salt and then proceed with your recipe.

Source: Do You Really Need to Salt Eggplant?

I knew that salting the eggplant drew out some of the water, but I didn’t realize that the goal was to remove bitterness. I thought it was just better for there to be less water in the eggplant when cooking. All those salty minutes wasted.

Keep Precious Stone Fruit From Bruising by Storing It Upside Down

Has this ever happened to you? You stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers market, only to find that a few days later your produce is mottled with bruises, brown spots, and wrinkly skin. The odds are good that this premature rotting has nothing to do with the quality of your produce — it is most likely the result of improper storage

Source: Keep Your Peaches Upside-Down and 9 Other Tips for Storing Summer Produce

What kind of precious stones are you finding in your peaches? Around here, they just have regular pits 😉

Fries: 5 Fruit/Veg Alternatives Other than Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes aren’t the only challenger to the conventional potato’s French-fried dominance. In fact, there are many fruits and veggies that make for a great alternative to french fries (or what our British friends might call chips).

So, if your comfort food cravings demand a little more creativity, or you’re just looking for a new way to serve some winter CSA staples, try these fries.

Source: 5 fruit and vegetable fries you have to try

Good news – All of the alternatives are low in vitamin K!  The avocado version would be interesting – the fat content means you probably would fill up fast.  But it’s good fat content.