Homemade Sports Nutrition is Easier Than You Might Think

Walk into any bike shop and you’ll be hit by the vast number of different sports foods and supplements that are available to you. Leaf through a cycling magazine and the adverts for nutrition products are plentiful. These sports foods often provide good quality nutrients in a convenient and, most importantly for cyclists, speedy way.

Source: Homemade sports nutrition is easier than you might think

Things get a little dubious towards the end, with suggesting cola/soda/soda pop or fruit juice for that matter.  Fruit juice if you use a juicer – sure, but the stuff on the shelf at the grocery store has a lot of sugar.

The homemade gel is interesting and vegan.  But test before a race, or on a race where the result doesn’t matter as much.  It gets very personal about what works for someone – some I’ve ridden with can’t do gels at all, it needs to be blocks.  Nothing sucks more than an upset stomach in a race, so don’t take the chance.