Are Tubby Cartoon Characters Making Your Kids Fat?

“Fat” cartoon characters may lead children to eat more junk food, new research suggests, but there are ways to counter this effect. The findings underscore how cartoon characters, ubiquitous in children’s books, movies, television, video games, fast-food menus and graphic novels, may influence children’s behavior in unforeseen ways, especially when it comes to eating.

Source: ‘Fat’ Cartoon Characters May Make Children Eat More

I do have a lifelong fascination with lasagna because of Garfield.  Cookie Monster, on the other hand, never really convinced me on the goodness of cookies, so…

I read lots of Garfield when I was a kid, before encountering Calvin and Hobbes.  I don’t know what number the Garfield books are up to now, just that there’s a website dedicated to removing Garfield from the strip.