“You Limit Yourself By Having Low Expectations.”

A friend of mine at the gym at school got sponsored not too long ago.  He does physique stuff (hasn’t actually competed, but is still jacked enough to pick up a sponsorship.  Pretty legit), so we come to a discussion with totally different paradigms.  He has helped me a lot with “feeling” muscles that don’t seem to want to fire properly, and I help him with approaching strength-based programming.  It’s a surprisingly productive relationship for a commercial gym.

Source: “Strong” Is Determined By the Size of Your Pond

I have my own personal goals that are much less open ended than being strong. I specifically want to be able to do certain things and feel a certain way. I do not understand this open ended quest to be “strong”. Strength without purpose to me seems like a potential waste of time and possible injuries.

Heck, I don’t get any open ended goal. It’s kinda like just saying I want to be rich. I don’t. I want to be secure, with a house paid off in 15 years, and the ability to at least have the option of only working part time. Just chasing an idea of rich is going to cause some unneeded sacrifices and perhaps even lose some great opportunities because I didn’t understand what risks I could take, trying to sock away money with no real end goal.

And also, I don’t worry about others and what they’re doing because their needs and life path are not mine. I only worry about how I’m achieving my goals and if I’m doing my best to get to those goals. And also throwing in there reflection time to re evaluate those goals, for wants and needs change over time, you need time to think and make sure yesterday’s goal is still today’s goal.

This Calculator Estimates How Much Slower You’ll Run With Age

Your mileage may vary 😉

Try as we might to fight or deny it, old age will impact our running and athletic ability. By age 35, the rates of decline are so predictably linear that this calculator by a Yale economics professor maps out just how slowly you can expect to run the same distance as the years run by.

Source: This Calculator Estimates How Much Slower You’ll Run With Age

Does this mean I’ll go negative?

Five Mind Tricks That’ll Make Your Food “Taste” Better

If you’re worried about impressing someone with your cooking skills, or you’re trying a new recipe for the first time, there are some mental tricks you can use on others to make your meal seem better than it really is. Here are five of the most effective.

Source: Five Mind Tricks That’ll Make Your Food “Taste” Better

Trick #6: Add salt

Some things that weren’t covered in the article, were covered in a previous one about why airline food tastes bland.