Is This Healthy Bread Fad Worth The Effort?

Using house-milled wheat flour that costs $1.40 per pound (as opposed to the 20 cents/lb for normal “white” flour), and has shelf life of just about a week, may seem like an unnecessary complication for something as basic and beloved as bread. But several bakeries and restaurants around the country are making the shift to doing just that.

Source: Is This Healthy Bread Fad Worth The Effort?

When did 11th century baking become the new hotness? What’s next, retting home-grown flax to make linen?

It’s healthy as long as it doesn’t have gluten. Because if I’ve learned one thing about food, it’s that gluten is evil and bad for everyone. Also, if it’s not organic, then what’s the point? Non-GMO, organic, gluten free, whole grain bread is all I eat.  You don’t eat lactose free bread? You might as well poison yourself with cyanide right now.

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work, and How to Spot Them

I’m going to be That Guy™ who jumps in and says cutting out carbs isn’t a fad diet. Doctors have experimented with keto diets to treat various health issues since the 1930s, and it clearly brings results, not even just weight loss. It’s silly to make the claim that just because something is popular, it should be avoided as a “fad diet”. Do the research, read arguments from both sides of a debate, and make your own decision.

That said, there is a lot of research supporting the Mediterranean diet.