These Are the Germiest Spots on an Airplane

Anywhere there’s high traffic, and surfaces that can/should be touched…

The general consensus from this study: Airports and airplanes are dirtier than your home (NSF, 2011). Surprisingly, it is the one surface that our food rests on – the tray table – that was the dirtiest of all the locations and surfaces tested. Since this could provide bacteria direct transmission to your mouth, a clear takeaway from this is to eliminate any direct contact your food has with the tray table. It’s also advisable to bring hand sanitizer for any other dirty surface you may touch along your journey.

Take a look at all of the results from the study to learn the other locations and surfaces you should steer clear from.

Source: Airline Hygiene Exposed

If you forget the hand sanitizer, or run low – use other surfaces.  Gloves might attract attention, so use:

  • the non dominant hand
  • knuckles instead of fingers to press buttons
  • elbows work too, but can draw attention to yourself