How Your Food Choices Are Influenced by Outside Factors

Following a healthy diet can be hard. From deciding when and what to eat to how much food you actually put on your plate, the average person makes over 200 food-related decisions each day, most of which are automatic. These automatic choices – dubbed “mindless eating” by some experts – happen when we eat and drink without consciously considering what kind of or how much food to consume. We’ll keep eating from a bowl of chips past the point of fullness simply because they’re in front of us.

Source: Hungry? Food choices are often influenced by forces out of your control

One thing something we need to stress on is that the companies that makes junk food and fast food, their main concern is to market their products and less care about your health being.

At the end of the day, they need to make a profit and sales and so they spent a huge amount of money on marketing and advertisement. It is very hard for an average person who cannot resists the junk/fast food when they are cheaper, readily available and the ads are attractive.

I see it is our own individual responsibility to make sure that what I am putting in my mouth is not junk.

Link Between PTSD and Food Addiction in Women?

A new study has found that women who suffer from PTSD are more likely to have food addiction (feelings of dependence on food), and that the food addiction may depend on the type and timing of trauma.

The study, published last week in JAMA Psychiatry looked at 49,408 female nurses from 14 states between the ages of 25 and 42. The nurses were asked if they had undergone traumatic events (like childhood abuse, the violent death of a loved one, or miscarriage/stillbirth). They were then asked if they had experienced PTSD in response to a traumatic event, though they did not ask if the women had been diagnosed with the condition by a doctor. Then the researchers asked the women if they had experienced symptoms of food addiction.

Source: There May Be a Link Between PTSD and Food Addiction in Women