Study Claims Vegetarians Secretly Eat Meat While Drunk

According to a recent study, vegetarians have confessed to eating meat after a night of drinking. VoucherCodesPro, a UK-based discount code provider, conducted a survey of more than 1,700 British vegetarians who revealed they chow down on meat when they drink too much alcohol. Don’t tell Morrissey about this!

Source: Study Claims Vegetarians Secretly Eat Meat While Drunk

It depends on how strict a vegetarian you are.  Some stuff like soup might’ve been made with chicken stock, etc.  I know some who ask the server, and make choices accordingly.  Personally, aside from morals – the world is not going to end.  I respect it, but have a hard time putting vegetarianism on the same level as those who have serious allergies/risk of anaphylactic shock.  Or in my case – thrombosis (clots are only on the outside of the body) to drastically increase risk of heart attack, stroke, aneurysm.

Smaller Tableware ‘Could Help Reduce Over-eating and Obesity’

Shrinking the size of plates, knives, forks and glasses could go some way towards tackling over-eating and obesity, a study suggests.

Smaller tableware was identified as having a positive effect on consumption habits, along with reductions in portion size and food packaging.  Researchers found that reversing the current “super-size” trend could lower average calorie intake by up to 16% in the UK and 29% in the US – the land of huge helpings.

Source: Smaller tableware ‘could help reduce over-eating and obesity’

I’m sure that this will work for some, and when others get hungry because they’re eating less – going for seconds might prompt reflection.  But it doesn’t for my cousin…  Last time I visited, they served as much in a single sitting as I consume throughout the week.