Why Your Recipe Calls for Cocoa Powder Instead of Chocolate

From deep, rich cakes and cookies, to brownies and other treats, the ingredient that brings some of your favorite chocolate desserts to life might not be what you expect. Instead of chocolate, these sweets often start with a hearty dose of cocoa powder. But do you know why?

Source: This Is Why Your Recipe Uses Cocoa Powder Instead of Chocolate

If Ruth Wakefield of the Toll House Inn had known that, we’d never have the chocolate chip cookie.  Well maybe we would, but I bet Nestle would be making a lot less money from chocolate chips.

Spreadable Beer

It can’t be worse that Marmite or Vegemite.

‘Birra spalmabile,’ or spreadable beer — is finally available worldwide:

“This magnificent spread contains 40% beer, possesses a sticky yet smooth texture and an irresistible hoppy scent. Just crack it open and take your first baby steps towards a glorious utopian diet that consists solely of beer.”

Source: Move over, Nutella — spreadable beer is here

40% beer, but no word on alcohol content.  That might be the yeast of our problems…