The Wrong Drug Reaction Could Literally Make Your Skin Peel Off

…get ready to get a bad case of internal shivers! This morning’s body horror is provided by toxic epidermal necrolysis, which can be induced by… so many things. So many things.

Source: The Wrong Drug Reaction Could Literally Make Your Skin Peel Off

Grapefruit is a well known issue with medications, and can be responsible for this kind of reaction.  No laughing matter.

There’s word suggesting that toxic epidermal necrolysis was induced to deal with flesh eating bacteria.  That is incredibly extreme, but then flesh eating bacteria is generally very fast acting.

Mom Attempts to Serve Vagina Cookies to 2nd Grade Class, Ends as You’d Expect

I’m not responsible for you spitting beverage over your keyboard/monitor.  In the awkward humour category a la the Office:

…someone posted a story to the TIFU (urban dictionary, for all your slang/acronyms/etc) subreddit about a friend who teaches second grade. This friend allows parents to bring in snacks for the kids, and didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary when one mom eagerly volunteered. Nothing seemed amiss, in fact, until the lady showed up with a tray of vagina cookies and cheerfully said that the teacher could use the cookies to inform the kids about vaginas.


This quote sums my thoughts beyond “not for 6-7 year olds”:

On the one hand, honesty and accurate terminology about their genitals and the biological functions thereof is important for kids, as Tracy Moore illustrated earlier today. On the other hand, 2nd grade teachers shouldn’t be expected to randomly and effectively teach sex ed or health…

I currently prefer “kid cannon” to most of the other vagina euphemisms.