DNA Tests Can’t Really Tell Your True Ethnicity

The answer as to whether a DNA test can tell you your ethnic identity? Yes — and no.

We know that, when it comes to DNA, geography matters. Although in principle anyone can mate with anyone else, in practice we tend to mate with people nearby. If we could assemble all the DNA of everyone everywhere, we would expect to find that people living near each other were more likely to be genetically similar than people living farther apart.

Source: Can You Tell Your Ethnic Identity From Your DNA?

It would provide insight for those who have little to no family history.  My family barely has any details beyond my grandparents, and even then – I discover that my parents have neglected to mention things.

Do You Have A Geographic Tongue?

It’s not contagious.

Here’s a very pretty version of a condition shared by two to three percent of the population. It causes patterns, often map-like patterns, on the tongue.

Normally, the human tongue is covered with tiny papillae. These hairlike structures can look pink or white, and they look a bit like a film over the top of the tongue. But people with geographic tongue have bare patches on their tongue. These patches show darker pink or red against the rest of the tongue, and because they lack papillae they have a different texture.

Source: Do You Have A Geographic Tongue?

Tune in next time for tongues that are scalloped, fissured in addition to geographic!