Older People May Have Trouble Staying Athletic, But Not for the Reason You Think

The older I get, the faster I was.

If you wanted to spend two weeks cycling through Denmark, you’ve just missed a good chance. A research team at the University of Copenhagen arranged just a 2700 kilometer cycling trip, to study how older people respond to exercise. The scientists measured the metabolism of the bikers and found a problem, although not necessarily the problem most people would have anticipated.

Source: Older People May Have Trouble Staying Athletic, But Not for the Reason You Think

The article makes light of what’s considered “old people” – which in most sports falls into the category of “masters”.  Swimming and cycling uses the terminology…

The current hypothesis for what is demonstrated in the study – as you get older, you need less food.  But I wonder how that is compared to say top level athletes… Olympians as I understand have an unbelievably strict diet for competition, and understandably look forward to after the race because they can then eat 😉

Study: Old Person Smell is Real

It’s a common stereotype that old people have a … unique … smell. According to this study, it’s a stereotype for a reason.

Source: Study proves “old person smell” is real

This was a topic with co-workers recently.  One had a real difficulty accepting it, given that the hepatic system does not work the same as a younger persons. What you smell is largely the extra urea and other toxins coming out of their pores/skin.  加齢臭’s (old person smell) a completely normal word in Japan.

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Everyone’s place has a smell. Some homes smell like fancy perfume or Anthropologie candles; others smell like cats. Currently, there’s a Febreze ad campaign that seizes on this idea — that although you’ve gotten used to the odors in your own home, your guests think your place stinks like a high school boys’ locker room or an oversize, smelly sneaker. But what accounts for this “nose-blindness” and is there a way to fight against it?