Soak Lime Rinds in Sugar First for More Flavorful Limeade

I’m a sucker for kids’ lemonade stands by the side of the road, which I’m physically incapable of passing up. As a result, I spend most of my summer politely choking down some of the worst lemonade on the planet in support of my littlest neighbors (it’s their childlike entrepreneurship that I find so refreshing).

Source: How to Make the Most Flavorful Limeade, Summer’s Best Drink

I usually zest my citrus onto a plate and sprinkle a little bit of it into a cup of Sodastream/etc sparkling water. I find that a pinch of zest has more flavor (less tart too) than the actual juice.

Make Your Own Tonic Syrup for Better Tasting Cocktails

The trusty gin and tonic. It’s refreshing. It’s simple. It’s a classic. But not every G&T is created equal. With only two main ingredients in your glass, the quality of those ingredients makes a huge difference. If you’ve already made the smart choice to swap the plastic-bottle window-cleaner gin for a quality spirit, there’s no reason to ruin things with a sub-par mixer.

For a while, you basically had three options for a tonic to pour at home: Schweppes, Canada Dry, or the generic brand at your local market. These options? They’re okay. They’re not great. The Schweppes in England is at at least made with cane sugar, but here in the good old US of A, we’re stuck with corn syrup. And it just tastes different.

Source: Why You Should Be Making Your Own Tonic (With Recipe)

A bit early for summer drinks, but all the more time to get prepared.  I didn’t know you could buy chinchona bark so easily!

Calorie Conscious Alcohol Drinks: How to Imbibe Without Breaking Your Caloric Limitations

To get technical: The higher the alcohol content, the less calories you’ll end up taking in since you’ll get drunk much much faster.  So beer is the worst option, and Everclear or pure alcohol is the best.  Vodka is just as good as Everclear because it’s basically grain alcohol diluted with water.

Alcohol has 7 calories per gram.  So 100 mL of something with more alcohol content in it will have more calories.   If you’re drinking beer over liquor, you’ll end up consuming more calories. If we’re strictly talking pure liquor (no mixers, etc), then it’s not going to make a difference what you drink really. Clear alcohols like Vodka, Gin, and Everclear will have less calories than, say, Rum, but even then you’re talking the difference of maybe 30-40 calories a shot?  However 40% ABV rum has pretty much the same amount of calories per shot as 40% ABV vodka or gin (maybe +/- 3 calories per shot). The % ABV is the main determiner of how many calories will be in a shot of hard alcohol – see here. This isn’t true if you are drinking something like Malibu or some sort of liqueur which has a lot of added sugars and stuff, but for things like Captain Morgan or Maker’s Mark, it will be.

You’re reading it in his voice, aren’t you?

Keep in mind to make sure you have enough to eat beforehand within your caloric limits or something to snack on during. You can try to cut calories all you want with your choice of drink, but what’s stopping piss-drunk you from grabbing fast food at 3 AM – undoing all that calorie-cutting effort?