Stick to Your Diet for at Least a Year for Potentially Lasting Weight Loss

If you’ve ever dieted before, you know how hard it is to keep the weight off for good. New research suggests that if you maintain your weight loss for at least 52 weeks, it’ll be easier to maintain that weight in the long run.

Source: Stick to Your Diet for at Least a Year for Potentially Lasting Weight Loss

You don’t necessarily need to deprive yourself, either. Just eat more vegetables.

Given the sample size (no pun intended), I’d stick to what this study found about how long you need to keep weight off to make it a more permanent change.

How Hormones Make You Feel Hungry and Full

The need to find fuel to generate energy is a profound drive within the biology of all living organisms: we all need food to survive. So it’s not surprising that our bodies have such a complex system to control food intake, driven by hormones.

Source: How Hormones Make You Feel Hungry and Full

Interesting to learn that the food cravings after/during weight loss are hormonal.

A Powder Made From Bacteria Waste Could Curb Overeating

It may not sound very appetising, but an edible powder made from waste excreted by bacteria in our guts may help people to avoid gaining weight.

…But to trigger a big enough dose of this appetite-suppressing signal from gut bacteria alone, people would have to eat extremely large amounts of fibre. To get around that, Frost and his team made the molecule in a concentrated form called inulin-propionate ester (IPE). “That gives you eight times the amount of someone following a typical Western diet,” he says.

Source: Bacterial waste makes you feel fuller for longer

What if someone eats very little, but terrible things?  It doesn’t matter how little terrible they eat, it’s still eating poorly. One doughnut and that’s it is not healthy. It won’t make you skinny to eat one doughnut per meal, even though it’s fewer calories than you were eating. It is malnutrition if:

  • it’s too much of bad stuff
  • too little of good or bad stuff
  • way too much of good stuff