Running on Grass Offers Big Strength and Balance Benefits

There are many reasons why training on grass is a great idea for all runners—regardless of experience or ability level. Most obvious is the fact that grass offers runners the benefit of a softer surface, which is an excellent way to reduce the chances of impact-related injury. There are non-intuitive benefits as well. “Grass workouts are an excellent way to improve overall balance and proprioception as well as strengthen the feet,” says Pete Rea, the elite athlete coach and coordinator at ZAP Fitness in Blowing Rock, N.C.

Source: Take It to The Turf: The Benefits of Training on Grass

If you have a nice curated field like the one in the pic, yes, but I won’t even run on grass next to the sidewalk because that smooth layer of grass on top can hide nice little holes that can seriously injure you.

Trails are the best IMHO because you can see what you are running on.

How Australian Grass Is Going to Make Condoms Better

Researchers at the University of Queensland have made a cool new discovery in the quest for better condoms. It turns out a component of spinifex, a coastal grass, could make condoms much, much thinner. Thinner is better.

Source: How Australian Grass Is Going to Make Condoms Better

  • Thinner also means it transmits body heat
  • For those allergic to most types of grass, this must be terrifying

The surgical gloves interest me a lot. Surgeons (are supposed to) wear not one, but two pairs for safety reasons (two pairs do things that one thicker pair can’t, including letting you change the outer layer if it gets a tear, etc. in it). Even though they get used to it, I can’t imagine that it’s easy, even with a good fit. Surgeons with less tired hands make fewer mistakes, can operate more and for longer, etc.

How America’s Most Useless Crop Also Became Its Most Commonly Grown One

Contrary to what you may think (and what your food labels may suggest) corn is not the most grown crop in America. The most grown crop is something no one is eating, no one is asking for, and no one is quite sure what to do with. It’s your lawn.

Source: How America’s Most Useless Crop Also Became Its Most Commonly Grown One

My neighbours must hate me.  They have lawn they have to meticulously maintain, but my property is largely rock so there’s not much if any opportunity to plant things.  I grew up on a large property, loathed cutting the lawn.