Make These Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups for Easy Snacking or Soup Dipping

It’s not easy …being cheesy 😉

Guys, it’s finally here – it’s National Grilled Cheese Month!

Yes, it’s the best month of the year. And to celebrate, I share with you my absolute favorite and easiest grilled cheese recipe of all time.

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Tomato soup, like all soups, exists only as a base for stews. That is all.

Turn an Everything Bagel Into an Amazing Grilled Cheese by Flipping It Inside Out

There’s an inherent structural problem with a bagel sandwich: Eaten properly, with one’s hands, of course, there is an inevitable falloff of seeds. Half of those poppy, sesame and even browned onion bits always seem to end up on the plate—or one’s lap. (The struggle is real.)

Enter the inverted-bagel grilled cheese sandwich situation at Sadelle’s in New York, where the team takes one of baker Melissa Weller’s chewy and small-ish bagels, slices it in half, flips it inside out, sandwiches layers of American and Muenster cheese in the middle, and then throws it onto a griddle for toasting and melting. The result is dripping with cheese that clings to all of those seeds.

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Q: How do you keep the cheese from leaking out the hole at the bottom?

Strategic cheese placement, and mayonnaise.

Mayo can act as a sort of sealant, and you can put just enough that it prevents the cheese from spreading out too far. When I make a grilled cheese on sandwich bread, I spread the thinnest ever amount of Cains/Best Foods mayo on the inside before putting down my cheese.

I also find that the barrier it creates prevents the bread from cooking through completely, so you have a nice crusty crust on the outside, with slightly softer bread inside, and goopy cheese inside of that.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get second breakfast.

Try These Tasty Upgrades to Your Childhood Meal Classics

As a child, you may have imagined your adult diet as a buffet of your favorites, like hot dogs and Oreos. Your tastes probably matured along with the rest of you, but a childhood classic still hits the spot once in awhile. To make sure you revisit the past in the tastiest way possible, we’ve rounded up some upgrades.

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I quite liked this grilled cheese variation, but it needs pears.

Make Almost Any Type of Crisp With Two Sheet Pans

Sandwiching food between two baking sheets in the oven gives you twice as much heated surface area for quicker and more even browning, not to mention a tidier shape. We use this technique to make…

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Pepperoni chips are some of the best, but the amount of oil is insane so I suggest putting them on a rack on the pan and not covering with another pan to ensure best crispiness.  Zero carbs and 900% flavor.

Use Cream Cheese to Make The Creamiest Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever

I learned to use cream cheese to make creamier grilled cheese sandwiches from the lovely cookbook Cowgirl Creamery Cooks by Sue Conley and Peggy Smith, founders of the artisan and organic Cowgirl Creamery. I know that some things are better in threes: An apple pie is better when you mix three different kinds of apples into it, and a grilled cheese is better with three different kinds of cheese. But what the Cowgirls’ cookbook taught me is that if those three cheeses are also three different textures, you’ll get a better melt.

Source: The Secret To Creamier Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I used a combination of grated cheddar and Monterrey jack along with just a light spread of cream cheese on the bread to bolster the cheese, and the end product is super creamy and cheesy, but you still get that delightful pull and stringiness that comes with the melted grated cheese. It. Is. Incredible.  Super rich though, so be warned, and cook low and slow so you get crisp outsides while giving the inside enough time to really melt into a delicious goo.

Use caramelized shallots and onions for a grilled cheese that will blow your mind, a little Parmesan too.

Cheese Swaps that will Update your Favourite Cheesy Dishes

Sometimes a little change can make a big difference, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to cheese. You can completely change a dish just by substituting the cheese you usually use for something new.

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I knew about the ricotta & goat cheese instead of cream cheese in cheesecake.  I’m not keen to try until I figure out how to stop the cracking.  Around here, there’s numerous interpretations of poutine.  Bacon is a popular addition.  I liked the last one I had, but it was quite salty.  I can say with experience that Grilled Brie with Pears was awesome.

Now I’m hungry 😦