Brine Shrimp Before Cooking to Keep Them Firm and Juicy

…perfectly cooked shrimp are another thing entirely. They’re sweet and juicy, with a tender, plump body and a slightly crisp bite. So wouldn’t it be nice if there was a foolproof way to guarantee excellent shrimp every single time?

Oh wait, there is.

Source: Easy Techniques to Improve Any Shrimp Recipe

Be aware that “brine” is a noun and a verb.

Use Silken Tofu to Make Creamier, Healthier Salad Dressing

Whether you’re totally meat-free or just go vegetarian a day or two a week, there’s a lot to love about tofu. It’s a perfect blank canvas, and we’re not referring just to its beige color. Whether you use creamy, silken tofu for salad dressings and desserts (it’s very blend-able) or firm and extra-firm varieties for stir-fries, sautés, and grilled dishes, we’ve got 31 awesome flavor combinations to doctor up your tofu.

Source: How to Eat Tofu Everyday and Not Get Bored

Marinade: Rules for Use and Re-Use

When you cook meat or fish, you should never reuse “raw” marinade. With tofu, though, the marinade doesn’t have the same health risks. Re-add the marinade to your tofu dish at the end of cooking for more of the recipe’s flavor.

  • You should not store a marinade that’s been used for raw meat.  If you use a raw-meat marinade in a sauce, you should cook it (and anything that touches it) immediately, and thoroughly.
  • If you are cooking the marinade in the sauce, it is no longer “raw” – this can be reused.

On a related note, see this article for tips about grilling/broiling tofu.

Discover Your “Gateway Vegetable” to Start Eating Healthier

…Many people like the IDEA of eating healthy, but eating vegetables feels like Superman eating a bowl full of Kryptonite (hey, they’re both green!).

Whether it’s the taste, texture, or just the mental block, veggies consistently prove to be a challenge for many Rebels.  Considering we recommend filling up at least half of your plate with vegetables, this is a serious problem.

Source: Vegetable Haters: How to Start Eating Vegetables

For me, it was the preparation.  “Steamed” vegetables meant mush.  I still remember when I had steamed vegetables at a friends house – it was a very surprising experience.  Currently, I really enjoy sweet potatoes (a legume, but technically a vegetable).