What Makes a Dip a Dip: A Guide

Figured I’d post this early in case someone needs it

According to sources, this weekend is the Super Bowl, a time-honored tradition where men bang each other’s heads together, causing years of damage that eventually leads to death (and probable financial ruin before that), as the American public watches in glee while consuming mass quantities of unhealthy foods and alcohol. But let’s not focus on those unnecessary details. Let’s talk about one of those unhealthy foods: dip.

Source: What Makes a Dip a Dip: A Guide

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How to Make Healthy Choices at a Summer BBQ

Salad is just lettuce nachos 😉

Not sure what your healthiest options are when faced with an impressive spread at a summer barbeque?  We asked nutrition and wellness expert Rose Reisman to chime in on our best (and worst) options at backyard shindigs this summer.

Source: This or that? How to make healthy choices at a summer barbecue

I’m surprised to see a crisp suggested as a dessert.  I thought they were largely sugar, with some fruit.

Mayonnaise: How Much Vitamin K?

I didn’t find much information on this, but what I did was more unsettling than Ketchup.  Store bought (Kraft) Mayonnaise contains:

  • 24.8 mcg of vitamin K per 1 tablespoon (16 grams).  That’s 31% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • 43.4 mcg of vitamin K per ounce (28 grams) – 54% DV
  • 155 mcg of vitamin K per 100 grams – 194% DV

Exercise extreme caution if eating store bought mayonnaise, with respect to your INR testing.  This is fine if you already eat roughly the same amount, consistently.  Otherwise, eat after an INR test – providing you have roughly a month before the next test to allow your level to recover.

There are however recipes to make your own mayonnaise.  Ingredients vary, but here’s a rough breakdown:

That says a lot about making your own vs off-the-shelf.

I haven’t had mayo since I started substituting homemade guacamole instead.  While there is vitamin K in avocado and olive oil, we need some vitamin K in our diet.  Admittedly, it’s costly – the guacamole lasts me a week, and costs about the same as a container of store bought mayonnaise.  But the health benefits are very real.

8 Best Foods for Instant Detox

Fat. Sugar. Salt. Alcohol. If our bodies had minds of their own, they’d have put us on notice on Thanksgiving, served us with papers by Christmas, and be off dating a vegan yogi by New Year’s Eve.

So why not make friends with it again? These essential Eat This, Not That! Detox Foods will instantly cleanse your body without any painful fasts or expensive juices.

Source: 8 best foods for instant detox

Some of the stuff is way out there – IE: hangover cure.  And guacamole is primarily avocado, which is really good for your cholesterol…

I still can’t get over how expensive almonds are, yet they are the largest nut produced.