Gym Wildlife

They forgot about the hunter-gatherer that piles dumbbells while alternating between four sets of different weights, hoarding them all.  But the video didn’t mention my people: Awkwardly looking around trying to find an exercise that I know how to do and isn’t crowded …but eventually settling by doing a set of curls and then going home.

Funny thing is, each of those things you see are based on a real story or video…

Worth a read: 10 rules for gym etiquette.

They start mentioning the New Years Resolution’ers (NYRs), but stop short of mentioning the fact the NYR reality.  Room capacity would be pushed to the limit, and gradually fall off as it got closer to February.  I’m with Terry Crews – think of the gym as being a spa.  Know the tricks gyms use to get you to buy a membership.

Fitness Isn’t Just for the Wealthy: How to Stay Healthy on a Budget

Personal trainers, fresh vegetables, and gym memberships all cost money. Not everyone can afford such luxuries. It’s one reason why being poor is too expensive—a crappy diet and sedentary lifestyle costs more down the line. Don’t worry: While fitness comes at a price, it’s not one you have to pay out of your wallet.

Source: Fitness Isn’t Just for the Wealthy: How to Stay Healthy on a Budget

Couple of points:

  • The article mentions bodyweight exercises, but stops short of saying yoga or pilates?
  • Cooking for yourself will take time, but it’s worth it for health/nutrition by minimizing how much packaged food you consume.  Just be sure to wash the fruit & veg, eh? 😉
  • While you’re likely to pay more for better food, lowering body weight means portion control.  You’ll eat less, which will cost less.

How Gyms Can Trick You Into Buying a Membership

If you’ve ever signed up for a gym membership, but didn’t end up going that often, you were that gym’s ideal customer. Here are some of the clever methods gyms use hook casual costumers into buying a membership.

Source: How Gyms Can Trick You Into Buying a Membership

What the article missed was: How difficult is it to end your membership?  Some have hoops, some are fairly accommodating.  If it’s automatically debited, find out when the billing period ends.  Then check your statements…

The fee is motivating to me – it makes me want to get some use out for the money.