4 Simple Tricks to Make Way Better Scrambled Eggs

One tip is to use dairy… which of course isn’t great for the lactose intolerant.  My recipe for scrambled eggs uses water.

I haven’t had an issue with scrambled eggs that I could not solve with Sriracha.  How much vitamin K in Sriracha you ask? It’s better than ketchup/catsup.

A Foolproof 5-Ingredient Ice Cream, No Cooking Required

A spectacular summer ice cream recipe with just two steps and five ingredients.

…while most recipeswith or without eggsrequire some cooking, today’s creamy blackberry lemon ice cream does not. Instead, it relies on sweetened condensed milk to thicken the mixture.

Source: Only 2 Steps and 5 Ingredients Stand Between You and This Ice Cream

Summer ice cream?  Ice cream is always in season.

Couple of points to be made:

  1. The recipe calls for half-and-half – effectively off limits for lactose intolerant, and depending on strictness – vegetarianism.  There is vitamin K in half-and-half too – we don’t get out unscathed either.
  2. Evaporated milk is not condensed milk.  Or, I need to find a recipe that uses evaporated milk… 😉
  3. All traditional ice cream has a custard base (cream, milk, sugar, and egg yolks). For more information on that, see this NYTimes article.  The difference between frozen custard and ice cream is mainly two things (and one of them is not a non-custard base): 1) milk fat percentage; and 2) serving temperature.

Dairy Cream: How Much Vitamin K?

The question is… How much did you have?  There is vitamin K in all dairy cream, but here’s some details:

I don’t think most are going to drink an entire cup of cream, but if you do – it’s not a big deal.  But more than that would likely show up in your INR test if you don’t do this regularly.

What about whipping cream?  Because I don’t skimp on this, I won’t assume you do either:

So, you’re pretty safe if it’s the canned, pressurized stuff.  But that second piece of dessert with real cream should probably happen soon after an INR test to give time for the INR level to recover.

This for That: Cooking & Baking Substitutes

Direct link to infographic.

Some stuff seems OK – it breaks out the component ingredients for things that are frequently bought as a combination, like poultry seasoning. The rest, though? They are not even close and would produce an entirely different thing in a lot of cases.  But then, that’s typically the challenge when trying to “veganize” and/or make a recipe gluten free for example.

…or you could just buy the actual ingredients 😉