How Much Protein You Really Need In Your Diet

Getting enough protein is important, regardless of whether you want healthy skin and nails, to lose weight, or get bulging biceps. But “enough” could be the difference between eating a few extra eggs and washing down your steak with protein shakes. Here’s how to find out.

Source: How Much Protein You Really Need In Your Diet

It’s important to note:

If you’re obese and calculate your needs based on total body weight, you’re overdoing it on the protein. Go by your ideal body weight, not your current body weight. So if you’re 250 pounds and want to be 180 pounds, you’d multiply your intake by 180, not 250. (81-122 grams of protein per day for a sedentary person, for example.)


You Need to Burn 7,000 Calories to Lose a Pound, Not 3,500

You’ve probably heard the number-one “rule” of weight loss: It takes a 3,500-calorie deficit between calories consumed and calories burned to produce a one-pound drop in body weight. This old chestnut is more than 50 years old. Problem is, it’s wrong.

Source: The Biggest Weight-Loss Myth Revealed

Is the reverse is true? Would it take more than 3,500 extra calories to equal a pound gained?

The Unique Difficulties that Women Face with Weight Loss

If you’re a woman who has tried to lose weight, you may have noticed something: it’s hard. Much harder than simply cutting your calories and watching the weight fall off.  There are complexities beyond simple math; emotional, physical and social barriers that simply aren’t addressed by a male-dominated fitness industry.

Source: The Unique Difficulties that Women Face with Weight Loss

From my experience, it’s self compassion, self-criticism, patience and tenacity.  It might take months to see results.  And keep in mind that body fat is not a complete indication of health – there are lots now who have high blood pressure/etc but low body fat.