Make This One-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Tonight

Water is an ingredient, so it’s actually “Two-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse”.  Dark chocolate is the best choice for this, as it will melt easier.  The video fails to mention that it added 1 cup of [ice] water…

It may be simple, but it’s a good bit of work.  I think the reason they suggest a whisk is for fine control over texture, so you don’t run the risk of overmixing or causing the mixture to re-separate.

HOWTO: Calibrate Your Kitchen Thermometer with Water

A thermometer should be checked when brand new, and rechecked every six months or so, after you drop or otherwise traumatize it, when you haven’t used it in a while, and whenever you just aren’t sure it’s telling you the truth. You can test a thermometer in boiling water or an ice bath; doing both is not a bad idea either.

Source: How to Check the Accuracy of Your Kitchen Thermometer

When was the last time you checked your thermometer?