Lightning in a Bottle: How Drinking Alcohol Makes You More Creative

Advertising has and forever will be one of the most creative industries out there. In the 1960s, Volkswagen’s “Lemon” advertisement for the beetle, which showed the word big and bold, ushered in the so-called “creative revolution” throughout advertising agencies. Rather than cliché ads, which only showed the product and the reason for its use — a hammer hitting a head for headache medicine — the word “Lemon” captured people’s attention, and then told them something about the product that was completely unrelated to lemons. If you watch Mad Men, then you know how much drinking is portrayed during that time period. But it was very much the same in reality, and that’s because alcohol certainly does make you more creative.

Source: How Drinking Alcohol Makes You More Creative: Drink Up For More ‘Aha!’ Moments

I think the study is missing a key point: Alcohol is a depressant, and there is a link between depression and creativity.

There’d been news recently to suggest that from an evolutionary perspective, depression should have been weeded out.  So it stood to reason that, as miserable as it is to experience depression, there’s a benefit in some manner.  I remember someone saying years back that they believed that “no one wrote poetry while they were happy”.  Maybe there’s some truth to the statement?

Next time I get pulled over, I’ll try telling the law enforcement representative that I was “driving creatively”: