Getting Babies to Stop Crying and Not Die May Have Made Humans Smarter

With sleepless nights and puzzling crying spells, caring for a newborn may seem like a mind numbing endeavor. But the mental abilities needed to keep a helpless, fussy infant alive may actually be the source of our smarts.

Source: Getting babies to stop crying and not die may have made humans smarter

Huh, I’ve often said while raising young children “I’m not sure how the human race survived for so long when children clearly aren’t concerned with their own survival”… 😉
I’m more curious about the fact that I see screaming kids and my brain says “that looks unpleasant, I don’t want that, no kids for me”. Intelligence seems like it should be a barrier to reproduction. Yet, as a species, we keep having them…
Those are other people’s babies. To a certain extent, when it’s your baby, you are hardwired to love it, emphasize with it, feel sad, and try to help it. You also get the really nice stuff of watching your baby develop into a child and start maturing, and the bright spots really help compensate for the occasional issues.  That’s until they become teens – then it’s war!

Don’t Feed Babies a Ton of Rice Cereal, Says FDA

It’s a cereal killer. 🙂

Rice cereal is a popular first food for babies. It’s also kind of high in arsenic, says the Food and Drug Administration, so if your kid gets a steady rice cereal diet, it’s time to diversify.

Source: Don’t Feed Babies a Ton of Rice Cereal, Says FDA

Boiling it and discarding the water (like how you make pasta) reduces the arsenic content, so that might help. The FDA’s fact sheet has some more info.  I’ve covered arsenic in rice in the past.

A Toast to All the Brave Kids Who Broke Up with Their Toxic Moms

You deserve recognition for completing the hardest break-up known to the human heart.

Whether it was because of an addiction, a compulsive need to put you down, an ex-communication, an inability to give and receive love, or just the turmoil of dealing with a broken woman, you did something that most people regard as taboo. And that takes courage.

Source: A Toast to All the Brave Kids Who Broke Up with Their Toxic Moms

The parental figure is only one part of the issue, which is all the article addresses.  There’s allusion in the quoted text, about what culture says we are to expect from a mother.  Consequently, people who’ve never experienced an abusive situation believe the problem lies with the child.  Blame the victim…  Childhood abuse victims do not always grow up to be abusers.  Frankly, that mindset is abuse a second time…

I wish the best to those still trying to make it work.  But in my experience, it was a waste of time.   My cousin doesn’t see it, and still desperately wants to be accepted by the “family” who actively shun him.  I don’t know of the abuse pattern going away – either you tolerate (is it really forgiveness on the 3rd/5th/10th time?), or you leave.  I understand the need – I felt it for years, disregarding the impact to my health and wellbeing before I accepted that the situation will never improve.  Family does not have to mean biological relation, and it’s certainly not worth sacrificing what you actually have.

Dammit, I need a hug.