This Could Be the Food of the Future— If You Can Handle It

The boxes at my door were plastered with red drawings of bugs and the blunt warning: “Live Insects.” I could hear audible scratching and shuffling—and even what I thought was an errant “chirp”—as I placed them on my kitchen counter.

I slowly opened the first lid. Out poked two antennae, followed by the head of a cricket. I lifted the lid higher and saw dozens of them hopping around. Inside the second box, a thousand mealworms wriggled over an egg crate.

The first ingredients for my dinner party had arrived. Gagging slightly, I moved the boxes to my fridge.

Source: This could be the food of the future—if you can handle it

Most would say they did not climb to the top of the food chain, only to circle back around.

It’s More Nutritious For You to Eat a Bug Than a Steak

So, what are you having for dinner tonight? Some grilled chicken? Yet another steak? Allow us to change your mind.

Source: It’s More Nutritious For You to Eat a Bug Than a Steak

It’s nice to finally be getting nutritional information on insects.  But there’s no vitamin K information, sadly… We’ve known for a while that insects provide an interesting alternative to cattle when considering the environmental footprint.

Do You Eat in Bed?

Even if you don’t have a TV in your bedroom, chances are you have Netflix on your laptop. And now that the weather’s getting colder, there’s probably a good chance that you might curl up under the covers with a flick and a snack of some sort.

But just how unsanitary is eating in your bed? We wanted to know, and we wanted you to know, too. Kadi Dulude, the owner of top New York City cleaning service Wizard Of Homes, told HuffPost Home that “at least half” of the places she cleans show signs of people eating in their beds.

Source: So Just How Bad Is It To Eat In Your Bed?

Dulude also advises people to wash their sheets once a week, at which I laughed for four minutes straight. But if you eat constantly in bed? Every three days. Yeah, good luck with that.