What All Those Confusing Fitness Terms Actually Mean

It isn’t easy getting fit. There’s a lot to learn: Your workout itself, whether the number of reps you do matters, and then there’s all the gym and exercise lingo you’ve never heard before. Say no more. We understand, and we’ve put together this primer to help.

Keep in mind that fitness jargon is endless, so this list isn’t comprehensive. It is made up of many terms that you may have heard before but didn’t understand, or heard a trainer toss around.

Source: What All Those Confusing Fitness Terms Actually Mean

It’s important to mention that lifting to failure happens when you cannot perform another rep with perfect form.

Ramp Up Running Mileage Safely With This New Formula

Instead of blindly running 10 percent more every week, there’s a better way. Let’s learn how to build mileage more strategically, recover when necessary and boost your endurance at the same time.

There are three concepts to understand. Let’s get started.

Source: A Smarter Way to Increase Running Mileage

Big jumps are OK if you’ve dipped under your baseline; tread cautiously at any number above that.

Paying attention to the numbers is important if you’re trying to work up to a longer distance or follow a training plan for a goal. If you just run the same amount every week, you can safely ignore the math.