Your Jaw Is Basically a Fish Gill (Plus Millions of Years of Evolution)

As you sit at your desk and chew your morning muffin, consider the complicated interlocking structure of your jaw. How did you manage to evolve such a thing? What you’re eating through is essentially a badly deformed but useful gill, and we’ll tell you how it got to be that way.

Source: Your Jaw Is Basically a Fish Gill (Plus Millions of Years of Evolution)

Too bad we can’t still breathe through water – stupid choking hazard :/

Soothe a Burnt Tongue with a Salt Water Solution

You knew your coffee was hot, but you just couldn’t go another second without the caffeine—and now your mouth is screaming in pain.

Chill. Here’s how to be your own dentist and treat the problem at home, along with DIY fixes for six other mouth maladies.

Source: 7 Dental Problems You Can Fix Yourself

This also works for canker sores, and a sore throat.

Harvest Energy From Your Jaw as You Snack/Talk

Are you sick and tired of wasting potentially tens of calories suboptimally chewing? If so, a pair of researchers from Montreal, Aidin Delnavaz and Jérémie Voix, have a solution: the piezoelectric chin-strap.

All you have to do is chew and talk and grind your jaw as per your usual doses of coffee and 5-Hour Energy, and the device provides tiny bits of juice that might be used to power hearing aids, wearable electronics, or some so-far unrealized implantable device of the cyborg future. And if you’re already a cyborg, why not just go for it, eh?

Source: Sure, a Chin Strap That Harvests Energy from Chewing

I think riding a bike to generate electricity would produce more, and be better exercise.