The Key to Perfectly Cheesy, Melty Omelettes

Here’s a perennial omelette problem: You want the cheese in the center to be warm and melted, but by the time the cheese melts, the eggs are overcooked. Conversely, you can have perfectly tender curds of egg, but barely melted cheese. What’s the solution?

The trick is to give the cheese a head start in melting by mixing it with hot ingredients.

Source: The Food Lab: A Quick Guide to Stuffing Omelettes

I’ll try this, but the best thing I ever did was learn how to make an omelette, French style, from old Julia Child videos on YouTube:

Julia Child Is The Next PBS Star to Get a Twitch Marathon

After the success of the charming and emotional Bob Ross marathon on Twitch, the company is expanding the range of its creative streaming with a new marathon. This time around, the topic is cooking—the new Food channel will be broadcasting all 201 episodes of Julia Child’s The French Chef. The stream starts today at 5pm EDT and should last around four days.

Source: Julia Child is the next PBS star to get a Twitch marathon

This should be interesting. Pretty much everything I know about Julia Child, I learned from parodies of Julia Child. Will be kind of cool to watch her for real.  Just wait until this new generation on Twitch discovers that Julia Child was also an OSS agent in WWII.

Substitute Onions for Shallots with a Bit of Boiling Water

Admittedly, shallots used to be more difficult to source in the days when MTAOFC was first published, and so finding a substitute may have had a greater sense of urgency back then. I’m happy to say that these days I can pick them up at my local Trader Joe’s, so they’re almost always on hand.

Still, it’s possible to run out or to find yourself in the kitchen with no shallot in sight. What to do?

Source: The Best Tip You Probably Missed in Mastering the Art of French Cooking

If you find most onions to be too strong in flavour, soak raw onions in cold water if you want to take some of the bite off.