Stretching Prevents Injury, and Other Misconceptions About Exercise

This does need a YMMV disclaimer unfortunately.  Cold static vs warm static pre workout stretch varies in terms of efficacy for many, and the six month rule shoe rule is in play for most marathoners, and may even be less depending on whether you rock a stability type of shoe, etc.

Press Your Knees Into Your Elbows to Fix Your Deadlift

Lifting a huge weight off the ground requires a ton of different muscles to work in sync. When you get your form right, you’ll be able to lift more weight and protect yourself (somewhat) from injury. This tip helps to wake up all the right muscles for a strong deadlift.

Source: Press Your Knees Into Your Elbows to Fix Your Deadlift

If you’re starting with the bar, be sure to rest it on some plates or boxes to get it off the ground so you can better master the form (when the bar is in the 45lb plate, it will be a good 8” off the ground). As you start to add weight, check to see if your gym has the bumper plates – they’ll be 10, 15, 20, 25, and/or 35lb plates that are the same size as the 45lb plates, so the bar will be at the proper height.

Save Your Knees With These Exercise Modifications

Word to the wise: See your doc if you’re experiencing tenderness in your knees after workouts that persists for more than a few days, even with rest, Dobrosielski advises.

But if your discomfort is only triggered by certain moves, here are Dobrosielski’s tips for modifying lunges, squats, burpees and more.

Source: 5 Workout Modifications to Go Easy on Your Knees

Be careful people!

Why You Might Want To Be Drinking Beet Juice At The Gym

The iconic cartoon character Popeye became most famous for his slapstick routine of eating a can of spinach, then attaining superpowers that he often used to give his gigantic nemesis Bluto a severe pummeling.

But Bluto might be lucky that Popeye never got his hands on a glass of beet juice.

Source: Why You Might Want To Be Drinking Beet Juice At The Gym

You don’t have to consume beat juice:

100 grams of arugula is roughly equivalent to 500 grams of beets. To varying degrees, many other leafy greens work too.  You can also get the same effect by supplementing citrulline.  But for those of us on warfarin/coumadin – stick to beets for vitamin k content.

Running on Soft Surfaces Won’t Prevent Injury Versus Running on Pavement

It makes sense that a sport that’s been around since the beginning of humanity would develop a healthy mythology. But if you believe in these five myths, your running will suffer. Your running enlightenment starts now.

Source: 5 Running Myths Debunked

Trails have the advantage of an uneven surface (although they come with their own risk), but not all soft surfaces are uneven. More importantly, people who have been avoiding pavement thinking there’s a problem with it can now run wherever they like.

DIY Prosthetics: The Extreme Athlete Who Built a New Knee

Brian Bartlett lost his leg at 24. Rose Eveleth hears how a man who just wanted to ski again invented a new kind of knee.

Source: DIY prosthetics: the extreme athlete who built a new knee

Necessity is the mother of invention!  I’m not surprised that amputees are driving the innovation of prosthetics, but am impressed with the results.

Why Your Joints Crack and Pop When You Exercise

It’s lupus!

That noise coming from your knees can be unnerving. But unless it is accompanied by pain, discomfort or swelling, there is no need to worry about it, said Dr. Michael Stuart, a professor of orthopedic surgery and co-director of sports medicine at the Mayo Clinic.

The crackling or popping sound you hear is known as crepitus. In some cases, it may be nothing more than bubbles of gas popping in your joints. It can also result from the cartilage in your knees losing their smoothness, causing bones and tissue to rub together noisily when you bend your legs.

Source: Ask Well: Noisy Knees

But what about my inner thighs saying “excuse me” to each other as I walk?