A Real Tear-Jerker: Device to Alleviate Dry Eye

Michael Ackermann, PhD, knows how to make you cry.

But this is a good thing for the more than 20 million Americans who suffer from a painful condition in which the lacrimal glands don’t create enough tears to lubricate the surface of the eye.

…With every blink, healthy eyes are lubricated with tears — a mixture of oils, water, proteins and mucus. This fluid helps protect and moisturize the eyes, and the thin film that it creates is necessary for clear vision. Dry eyes become vulnerable to painful abrasions of the cornea, which can distort vision.

Source: A real tear-jerker: Team creates device to alleviate dry eye

The implant doesn’t actually provide a permanent fix to the patient’s condition – it’s on-demand, with the user’s actual tears.  It’s controlled remotely, so all that’s needed is a push of a button.  It’s already in clinical trials.

…or you could chop onions… 😉