Almond Breeze More Breeze Than Almonds, Says Lawsuit

Remember when we suggested (okay, aggregated an article that suggested) that almond milk is “kind of a scam“?

Well, a class action lawsuit filed against the makers of Almond Breeze for false advertising contends that the popular milk alternative is even more of a rip-off than we thought — because it barely contains any almonds.

Source: Almond milk is even more of a scam than we thought

Basically, just almond flavored sugar water.  That explains why most aren’t reacting to almond milk…

Use Cauliflower as the Base For a Healthier Ranch Dip

This is a low-fat, low-calorie, dairy-free ranch dip that is sure to please even the most devoted ranch lover. It goes great with vegetables, especially broccoli florets; in fact I’ve been known to eat an entire crown of broccoli so long as it’s accompanied by this dip!

Source: Cauliflower Ranch Dip Recipe

Substitute pureed cauliflower for buttermilk, onion puree for heavy cream. The healthier replacement is a substitute for the original ingredient.

In my haste, I forgot to mention that cauliflower is high in vitamin K.

The First Entirely Plant-Based Plastic Milk Carton Is Now on Shelves

This month, anyone in Finland who buy a lactose-free skimmed milk drink called Eila at the supermarket will buying the world’s first carton made entirely out of plant-based plastics—right down to the cap.

Source: The First Entirely Plant-Based Plastic Milk Carton Is Now on Shelves

The article gives a pretty good rundown on the realities about the packaging – it’s not as good as it sounds.