Roast Your Lemons First for Delicious, Flavorful Lemonade

It’s time to rethink the way you do lemonade. Before you squeeze a bag of lemons for a pitcher of that cool and refreshing drink, I suggest you first turn up the heat.

Source: How the Oven Will Help You Make Even Better Lemonade

This looks fantastic, AND CALLS FOR RUM.  …But why is the rum always GONE?

I had some phenomenal lemonade at a party last week. The delightfully surprising ingredient was rose water. It gave it quite a unique enhanced flavor.

Make Strawberry Lemonade Pie in the Freezer Overnight

The only drawback to this pie is how quickly it seemed to melt.  Which isn’t that big of a drawback.  Just means you have to eat it faster.  I don’t think you’ll have any problem with that.  Luckily its completely delicious!

Source: Strawberry Lemonade Freezer Pie

I just can’t see using low-fat anything.  It’s pie – just make it full-fat and enjoy it.

Take Your Summer Lemonade to the Next Level with Vanilla Bean

“Don’t worry, it’s not dirt.” They reassured their customers. “It’s our secret ingredient: vanilla bean!”

With equal parts relief and curiosity, their customers took a sip, many of them proclaiming the cup the best they’ve ever had. My three little entrepreneurs beamed with pride, and off to the side, I did too—proud of my lemonade patrons and quite proud to have discovered how those little vanilla flecks turn a simple, summer classic into something special and, really, quite profitable.

Source: Secret-Ingredient Lemonade

My first thought is that business model.  Vanilla bean is not cheap, so I wonder if the kids actually made a profit.  I suggest using vanilla bean paste, not extract. 1 tablespoon = 1 vanilla bean. Vanilla extract would taste too harsh.

Other alternatives to try:

  • mint, to make limonana
  • basil

When Life Gives You Lemons… 11 Uses That Aren’t Lemonade

Source: 10 Amazing Ways to Use Lemons

My list goes up to 11 😉

The closest related to food was stain removal from plastic containers.  The rest are polishing or cleaning related.  Which makes sense – like vinegar, citrus is mildly acidic, organic and non-toxic.  There’ve been studies that suggest vinegar is better than chlorine for cleaning.

#11: limoncello (Italian lemon liqueur) – excellent recipe.  Ideally you want Meyer lemons and grain alcohol (Everclear), but vodka (zero malt Scotch) works.  Limoncello recipes only use the zest (not peel/rind – read here for the difference), so you can use the lemon for other things.

There is a “low” dose of vitamin K in lemons.  But lemons are not the sort of thing many are going to over-consume 😉  I don’t have details, but I suspect the vitamin K is in the zest, as with most citrus fruit.