Master Nine Hard-to-Eat Foods With These IKEA-Style Guides

There are so many mouth-watering dishes that we’d love to eat more, but avoid because they’re hard to eat.

We couldn’t help but wonder why some of these delicious foods don’t come with an instruction manual. I mean, how nice would it be to eat your taco without dropping 98% of it on yourself? That’s when it struck us – we could create the instructions!

Source: How to Eat Hard to Eat Foods

Avocado is difficult to eat?!

Lobsters Have the Craziest Sex You’ve Never Heard Of, and Yes, It Involves Urine

Lobsters like their foreplay.

Lucky for the females, 25 million years have provided ample time to refine their skills as apothecaries. Arriving at the entrance of an aggressive male’s shelter, all a female lobster needs to do is spritz him with some of her pee, a little each day over several days, and he will be putty in her claws.

Source: Lobsters Have the Craziest Sex You’ve Never Heard Of, and Yes, It Involves Urine

Someone on the subway used to try to court me this way but I didn’t understand.  Missed connection?

Why Taking Niacin Turns People Lobster Red

Some of you have tried, for various reasons, taking niacin. Some have also shortly after experienced a sensation of sudden, all-encompassing, prickly heat and looked in a mirror to find yourself lobster red. Here’s why that happens.

Source: Here’s Why Taking Niacin Turns People Lobster Red

Supposedly the cholesterol-lowering properties of niacin only come from the regular “flush” version, so there are some differences between these different types of niacin.

This could be a way to spice up that potluck 😉

Halifax Zoologist: Rainbow Lobster Catches Exaggerated by Social Media

Lobster catches across the Maritimes this season have, despite the odds, proven to be very colourful.

Four blue lobsters, a yellow and an albino lobster have all been caught in the last two weeks.

While chances of catching a yellow lobster are ten times less frequent than blue ones, the odds of catching an albino lobster are one in 100 million.

Source: Rainbow lobster catches exaggerated by social media, says Halifax zoologist

Lobster used to be cheap – here’s why that changed.  Whatever the colour, you can make lobster butter with the shell afterwards.

Lobster Butter: An Awesome Use For Leftover Shells

This is a Yankee take on the classic French recipe for beurre de homard, which incorporates cooked lobster meat into a compound butter. It is thriftier, using the shells to bring flavor instead of the lobster meat, but is no less delicious for that. The process is akin to making a lobster stock, with butter in place of water. Use the lobster butter as a melted dip for shrimp or yet more lobster, or as a topping for sautéed scallops or fish.

Source: Lobster Butter

For double lobster-y butter, you can cook the tails by basting over hot butter in a small saucepan – basically poaching them. The lobster itself tastes great this way, and the leftover butter is amazing. You can add the shells back in (and more butter if needed) and follow the basic steps here. Play around with it – add a few other flavors, a little salt and pepper, small amount of cream sherry, some thinly sliced lightly sauteed shallots and/or garlic… Toss with fresh linguini, brush onto grilled bread to serve alongside clam chowder.

You could also boil shrimp shells down… Strain and freeze the broth in ice cube trays.  Then use it to make corn and potato chowder later when you want the flavor without the actual shrimp.

Lobster Used To Be Cheap — Here’s How That Changed

Even if you don’t enjoy lobster (and I don’t, particularly), more than perhaps any other food it’s synonymous with a certain kind of luxury. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, for a long time it was just the opposite.

Source: Lobster Used To Be Cheap — Here’s How That Changed

I knew about the change, but not specifically why.

So much of the world changed, thanks to the period starting with the first World War to the 1950s.  Men having short hair and no facial hair was due to the survivors of World War I – they’d learnt about mites and lice in the trenches.  Elements of Santa Claus came from Krampus, but the colour – the red and white – is attributed to Coca-Cola ads in the late 1940s/early 1950s.

There is vitamin K in lobster.  For 150 grams/5.3 ounces of lobster, there’s 0.2 mcg of vitamin K.  By the math, 1 kg/2.2 lbs of lobster would contain a little under 1.5 mcg of vitamin K.  Under 4 mcg is considered low risk for warfarin/coumadin interference.