This Could Be the Food of the Future— If You Can Handle It

The boxes at my door were plastered with red drawings of bugs and the blunt warning: “Live Insects.” I could hear audible scratching and shuffling—and even what I thought was an errant “chirp”—as I placed them on my kitchen counter.

I slowly opened the first lid. Out poked two antennae, followed by the head of a cricket. I lifted the lid higher and saw dozens of them hopping around. Inside the second box, a thousand mealworms wriggled over an egg crate.

The first ingredients for my dinner party had arrived. Gagging slightly, I moved the boxes to my fridge.

Source: This could be the food of the future—if you can handle it

Most would say they did not climb to the top of the food chain, only to circle back around.

Styrofoam-Chomping Mealworms Can Help Solve Our Trash Problem

Styrofoam: Cheap, convenient, and the bane of environmentalists. Americans throw away 2.5 billion foam cups every year, and the damn things just sit in landfills for millennia. Unless, that is, you sic a bunch of hungry mealworms on them.

Source: Styrofoam-Chomping Mealworms Can Help Solve Our Trash Problem

It’s interesting, but I haven’t seen styrofoam in a long time.  As we’ve become more environmentally aware, a lot less products are being packaged in styrofoam.  I hated handling the stuff, because it was rather brittle.  But my dislike for the vacuum pressed hard plastic burns far brighter – you’re almost guaranteed to perform a blood sacrifice with every item.

That said, there’s bound to be lots of styrofoam in land fills.  It would probably do wonders to sprinkle some of these mealworms over the land fill…