How the ISS Astronauts Grew Their Space Lettuce

Interesting to see what microgravity teaches us about agriculture!

Don’t know why they use the word “microgravity”?  If it’s in orbit, the effects of gravity have to be zero by definition… Because there is no such thing as “zero gravity”!  There’s gravity from the sun all the way out here, it’s really more like no relative acceleration.  As in microgravity, you’re actually in perpetual free fall.

Your Children Won’t Be Able To Live In Space, Without A Major Upgrade

We all dream of journeying (or living) among the stars. But space is a spectacularly awful place for humans, and we’re not suited for life there at all. And yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are all the ways we’ll need to re-engineer the human body, in order to make space our home.

In the six decades that we’ve been sending humans into space, scientists have learned just how truly bad it is for us to live off-planet.

Source: Your Children Won’t Be Able To Live In Space, Without A Major Upgrade

The article doesn’t mention that sperm need gravity to find the egg.  Without gravity, children can’t be conceived in space (without artificial insemination).

Why Do Our Immune Systems Falter In Space?

Blasting off into space has a lot of strange consequences for the human body. One of the weirdest, though, is the slow flagging of the immune system in microgravity. So, just what’s happening to your body’s defenses?

Source: Why Do Our Immune Systems Falter In Space?

I’m a little spooked that they’re investigating this aspect now, given the upswing in commercial space flight and eventually travel.  There have been a few cases of extremely wealthy citizens flying into space, but even then – I’m sure the number of can be counted on one hand.