Take Your Marinara Sauce to the Next Level With a Little Lemon Zest

With one ingredient, make your marinara taste like the best tomatoes on earth.

Source: A Genius Trick for Brighter Marinara Sauce

I have refresher for those that need it: Difference between Citrus Zest, Peel and Rind

A little lemon zest does wonders for chicken gravy too. That and black pepper. For those that are into that sort of thing… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Different Mincing Methods Can Affect the Taste of Garlic

The fact that microplaned garlic is more pungent than minced isn’t particularly shocking in and of itself. We all know that garlic’s intensity in a dish isn’t just dependent on how much garlic there is, but also how it’s been prepared: a single whole clove will deliver less intensity than a crushed one, a crushed clove will be milder than a sliced clove, and a sliced one isn’t as pungent as a chopped or pureed oneโ€”the more cells we rupture when cutting garlic, the more potent it is.

Source: The Best Way to Mince Garlic

Which you want depends on your tastes, and the recipe in question.