Transform Soft Cheeses Into Dressing or Dipping Sauce With This Template

The secret to transforming your favorite soft cheese into a salad dressing is your blender. You can use a regular blender, a fancy high-speed blender like a Vitamix or Blendtec, or a handheld immersion blender. All three get the job done, so the choice is yours.

Source: A Template for Turning Any Creamy Cheese into a Quick Dressing

That sounds like a lot of work when I can just dip in the melted cheese …or just pour said melted cheese straight into my mouth.

What about hard cheese? Get some sodium citrate.

Save Almost-Expired Milk From The Trash by Making Milk Jam

Long before Dan Barber led the charge on the food-waste crusade, line cooks have been scrappy about using every last scrap (hello, profit margin). Now it’s time you stopped throwing away half of what’s in your vegetable drawer. We asked Abra Berens, the chef at Stock in Chicago (a café that, because of its location inside a produce market, specializes in making deliciousness from on-the-verge ingredients), to teach you how to make something lovely from the wilty, frosty depths of your fridge and freezer. Below, Berens shares more ways to save.

Source: Don’t You Dare Throw Out that Wilty Lettuce

FYI: Organic milk is ultra-pasteurized, giving it a longer shelf life (because it tends to stay on the shelf longer). The only reason I know this is because the ultra pasteurization means you can’t make cheese with it.

Make Perfectly Creamy Tomato Soup by Adding a Little Baking Soda

Yes, all cooking is science; whether you’re making waffles or a steak, you’re enacting small transformations on a series of ingredients in order to create a very new result. But rarely, it seems, are those scientific transformations as immediate as what happens when you add baking soda to your cream of tomato soup.

Source: Put Baking Soda in Your Cream of Tomato Soup! Here’s Why

If you want to use cream for your tomato soup recipe instead of milk, however, you probably won’t need baking soda (or only a pinch of it at least). The fat in the cream helps protect the protein and keeps it from curdling.

Raw Milk Is For Idiots

Some very stupid lawmakers in West Virginia are sick, presumably with the shits. They lifted the state’s ban on raw, unpasteurized milk a few weeks ago, then drank some raw, unpasteurized milk to celebrate, and, well, they are feeling bad lately. This seems an opportune moment to point out that actually, pasteurization is good.

Source: Raw Milk Is For Idiots

There’s some scientific debate over whether milk is actually good for you or not, but there’s no debate over whether pasteurization of milk is a good thing. It’s good. Drink pasteurized milk, if you drink milk.  The dairy milk you get on the shelves?  It’s also fortified with Vitamin A and D for a reason 😉

It’s similar to knowing why some recipes call for kosher salt, rather than table salt.  Table salt is also known as iodized salt, because it has iodine in order to combat gout.  I believe it started in Sweden, before coming to the US as an easy means of distributing to the population.

Yes, There is a Scientific Device That Measures the Quality of Mothers’ Milk

This isn’t about the milk that adults enjoy. It’s about the most important kind of milk, which baby mammals drink right after they are born. Like humans, cows produce a nutrient-rich milk called colostrum in the days after birth—it’s full of proteins and antibodies that are crucial for calves’ future health. But not all colostrum is made equal.

Source: Yes, there is a scientific device that measures the quality of mothers’ milk

I ❤ Calvin & Hobbes

Homemade Sports Nutrition is Easier Than You Might Think

Walk into any bike shop and you’ll be hit by the vast number of different sports foods and supplements that are available to you. Leaf through a cycling magazine and the adverts for nutrition products are plentiful. These sports foods often provide good quality nutrients in a convenient and, most importantly for cyclists, speedy way.

Source: Homemade sports nutrition is easier than you might think

Things get a little dubious towards the end, with suggesting cola/soda/soda pop or fruit juice for that matter.  Fruit juice if you use a juicer – sure, but the stuff on the shelf at the grocery store has a lot of sugar.

The homemade gel is interesting and vegan.  But test before a race, or on a race where the result doesn’t matter as much.  It gets very personal about what works for someone – some I’ve ridden with can’t do gels at all, it needs to be blocks.  Nothing sucks more than an upset stomach in a race, so don’t take the chance.

This Video Debunks 10 Misconceptions About Your Favorite Beverages

To be clear – tap water is more heavily regulated than bottled water, and the presenter makes sure to say that the actual water quality depends on location (obviously Flint and WV are outliers).

The Best Chocolate for Making Amazing Hot Chocolate from Scratch

With January comes the excitement of a new year, resolutions, layers, and the inevitable moment the temperature reads, “Feels like -4° F.” For those freezing mornings and cozy winter nights, there’s warming, filling, silky, chocolate-y hot chocolate to make us feel better and help us thaw out.

Source: How to Make the Best Hot Chocolate, According to the Experts

You can try milk (or milk substitute), straight cacao powder, two course salt granules, two drops of vanilla extract, and a little bit of honey. Before discovering cacao powder (again, not crappy Hershey cocoa powder), I was melting 85% dark chocolate…