Nutrition Tips I Learned from Using a Meal Service

Finally, I decided to do something about it and called my friend Nick McNaught who owns one of Toronto-based meal service Fuel Foods. Despite the connection, until then, I had never considered doing a delivery service. I don’t know if it was a pride thing, a cheapness thing or a laziness thing, but suddenly it made so much sense: why not invest in a system that would help my energy, health and physique and make life easier during this transitional time? So I did. Turns out there was a lot to be both gained and discovered from having healthy meals delivered to my doorstep. Here’s what I learned from my time on a meal system.

Source: Nutrition tips I learned from using a meal service

It depends on your lifestyle, but I could see meal service working for myself or anyone doing a lot of training.

Everyone in my beginner program talked at some point about how difficult it was to deal with meals – prep, cooking, consumption and issues with consumption.  Nevermind with respect to having a family…  We all came to learn about ourselves – what foods we can and can not tolerate with respect to training.

I’ve become very economical about how I prepare food, mostly with respect to time.  I will cook a batch that will last me a week, portioning as I need.  Variety suffers, as any would imagine.  But there’s a lot of value to me in foods that I can serve quickly.

Food for thought 😉