How to Break Through a Running Plateau

Performance plateaus in running are common – but thankfully, almost all runners can reach new levels of performance if they work hard and smart.

Before we get into the details of how to break through a running plateau, let’s first discuss the best way to continue improving: avoiding mistakes. 

Source: How to Break Through a Running Plateau

You have to manage expectations if you are running in a location where it is excessively hot.

Fitness Is a Journey, and It Doesn’t Have to Suck

With every successful weight loss story, it’s hard to avoid getting hyper-focused on someone’s visual changes, or the number of pounds they lost. Unfortunately, focusing all your energy only on the end goal makes the process with health and fitness feel crappy—which makes you less likely to stay with it and find success.

Source: Fitness Is a Journey, and It Doesn’t Have to Suck

Getting fit is very hard, but people conflate the fact that it is simple (conceptually) with being easy. Eat better, move more! So easy! No, that’s simple. Executing this on a daily consistent and ultimately permanent basis is hard as hell to do if you’ve spent most of your life developing myriad bad habits.

It takes 2+ years to ensure long term weight loss.  It’s worth the effort – It’s been roughly quantified that being obese shortens your life by 8 years.

For Better Fitness Success, Stop Using the Word “Mistake”

The problem with the word mistake is that it’s negatively ingrained into society. People too often define themselves by their mistakes, the presumed result of their own character flaws. Recall the last time you uttered the words “I made a mistake.” You probably subconsciously judged your own character as soon as those words came out of your mouth.

All humans make mistakes. And while they’re completely natural, the word implies a dead end of sorts, rather than a learning opportunity that will make you better at life.

Source: For Better Fitness Success, Stop Using the Word “Mistake”

On a similar vein, there are benefits to failing

One aspect I encountered is dealing people can make can be trying.  Some have different goals, or things come easier/etc – so they aren’t very supportive or even thoughtful.  May your experience be better, or at least know to take it with a grain of salt because it’s a known issue that we don’t like to see others improve.