“Everything in Moderation” Is a Terrible Rule to Eat By

“Everything in moderation” is attractive advice, but also a trap. It amounts to saying we shouldn’t have too much of anything, which is true by definition: that’s why we call it “too much.” But the word “moderation” is vague, and its vagueness makes it a friendly, big-tent kind of concept: however much you eat, you can find a way of convincing yourself that you eat in moderation.

Source: “Everything in Moderation” Is a Terrible Rule to Eat By

It’s not really a “rule,” it’s a platitude. Platitudes have been around since forever and they’ve promoted stupidity through the ages.

Moderation is fine as long as you quantify that moderation. If you’re using a food/calories/macro tracker like MyFitnessPal, then put everything you do in moderation in there as well so that you can see exactly how it’s going to have an impact on your goals.  And again, it comes down to individual goals. You want that six pack, but still have 20%+ BF? You’re going to have to quantify moderation.  Feel like what you’re doing is “good enough” and you aren’t obsessive about progress? Then keep doing your thing.

Plan Your Cheat Meals with a “Risk vs. Reward” Mindset

“Everything in moderation,” they say, but how much is moderation exactly? One donut a day, or a dozen over a week? Instead of relying on an overused, vague mantra, look at decisions to “cheat on your diet” in terms of risk versus reward to make better judgment calls on “treating yo’self!”

Source: Plan Your Cheat Meals with a “Risk vs. Reward” Mindset

Choose wisely in social situations.  I still get grief about my eating choice because I turned down donuts.  Pastries in general are not a good idea for my cholesterol, but even knowing that – people still manage to take things personally.

7 Healthy Foods Dangerous if Overconsumed

Get some variety – make plan out your meals for the week.

You know that eating an entire box of cookies in one sitting isn’t good for you—but experts say overdoing it with certain more nutritious foods could be just as dangerous. There’s no need to ditch these foods from your diet altogether—but you’ll want to avoid taking in excessive amounts since that’s when they can start to compromise your health.

Source: 7 Healthy Foods That Are Dangerous If You Eat Too Much of Them

Lots I know of in body building use tuna/fish for their protein, so I defer to their resources (like this one) because they tend to be a big (heh) group with reasonable testing and assessment skills.

There’s also Carotenosis, which is harmless.  It’s where the skin takes on an orange hue, from eating foods high in carotenoids (IE: carrots).