The Key to Building More Muscle Might Be Longer Rests Between Sets

Longer resting times means more time spent at the gym. For a study on rest times to be translated into real workout recommendations, it would be more useful to know whether longer or shorter rest times are more efficient for size/strength/endurance gains. In other words, if I have an hour to spend at the gym, how long should my rests be? 3-minute rests would likely result in less overall volume than 1-minute rests in a constrained time period. Thus, applying the same logic used in the study to a situation in which time spent at the gym is controlled for, we would expect more modest gains from a 3-minute-rest workout program than from a 1-minute-rest workout program.

“Feel the Burn” Is Bad Fitness Advice

“Feel the burn!” is an oft-repeated cue to get exercisers to work harder and longer than they normally would. A good many relish in this uncomfortable feeling, but depending on the circumstances, this “burn” isn’t always a reliable indicator of a good or effective workout. Here’s what’s going on and why “feeling the burn” is overrated.

Source: “Feel the Burn” Is Bad Fitness Advice

I like this approach because it pushes back against the pressure people feel to exercise a certain way with a certain attitude. I was having a similar conversation last week with a friend who teaches fitness classes. She said, “whatever works for you. whatever makes you happy”.

Does It Matter How Many Reps You Do When You Work Out?

Do you even lift? 😉

So, your workout has you doing 4 sets of 5 reps for this exercise, 3 sets of 8 after that, and—oh, thank goodness—only 2 sets of 50 to finish it out. Well, hey, the good news is that these rep numbers aren’t just based on a sadistic desire to see you huff and puff. Here’s how they differ and what they mean for you.

Source: Does It Matter How Many Reps You Do When You Work Out?

I haven’t seen anyone connect high intensity training with the heavy, low rep approach that is proven to increase strength.  I don’t know that they are related…