Topical Anesthetic Cream Can Ease the Pain of Shots

The implications go far beyond being scared of a needle prick: Not only do some adults avoid healthcare due to their fear of needles, but research indicates that poorly managed pain in early childhood can change how people feel pain, and may even make them more vulnerable to it later on.

The good news is that, with a few simple strategies, parents can ease their child’s fears, help manage the pain, and reduce the risk of their child developing a phobia.


Source: How to Help Kids Overcome the Fear of Needles

Getting anesthetic shots from the dentist in the mouth had to be the most uncomfortable I can remember…

I didn’t like needles when I had my first DVT & Pulmonary Embolism (PE), but weekly testing made short work of that.  After years of blood tests, I’ve come to learn that there are some who are really good at it… and some who are not.  Probably the worst was the one who stuck the needle in, then wiggled it side-to-side in hopes of finding the vein.  The result was probably the worst bruise I’ve seen.  There’s no way to know who is good and who is not – all I can do is know which arm is easier for them to work with.

Terrifying Medical Instruments Found on Blackbeard’s Sunken Ship

The jolly good life of a pirate was not a jolly healthy one, what with the syphilis and scurvy and ship-raiding. Archeologists excavating Blackbeard’s flagship off the coast of North Carolina have unveiled their latest findings: a cache of medical instruments that include this rather horrifying urethral syringe.

Source: Terrifying Medical Instruments Found on Blackbeard’s Sunken Ship

Scurvy, gangrene, dysentery… That stuff was in Pirates of the Caribbean right?  The eye patch was actually to acclimate to low light situations, so you could see when you went below deck.