Stop Buying Coffee Pods

It’s time! This week, news that Hamburg banned coffee pods from government buildings set off a larger conversation about why we’re still giving our money to companies like Keurig and Nespresso. Let’s be honest: It’s time for the whole world to stop buying coffee pods.

Source: Stop Buying Coffee Pods

A typical coffee pod has a few parts. The foil top, the coffee, a small filter, and the plastic cup. When you use, say, a Keurig disposable cup, you bring down a needle that injects the hot water into the coffee while a spike in the bottom punctures the bottom of the cup. The needle has a gasket that forms a seal on the foil top and the machine has a sensor to detect when too much water is being injected into the pod.

The reusable K-cup, for most consumer machines, is basically a shotglass with mesh sides. It’ll make coffee, but the coffee is much weaker than out of a disposable pod. You also don’t get the sensing mechanism, so you might overflow the machine.

TL;DR: The refillable pods are badly engineered.